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Curb Side Example

Looking to advertise locally or in a different way? Placing your ad on a Cortland Transit bus may be just the ticket for your business, organization, or program! If you have any questions or would like to start advertising with us, please email us or call (607) 756-3416 to discuss your options and pricing. 

Bus Wrap Example

Traffic Side Example

Hartleys Ad.jpg


All bus advertisement contracts will be between Cortland County and the advertiser. 


 Please note, no advertisement will be permitted that:

  • Appears to make personal attack on any individual or upon any company, product, or institution; or falsely disparages any service or product or is defamatory in any respect.

  • Might be interpreted to be offensive to any religious, ethnic, racial, gender, or political group.

  • Might be interpreted as condoning any type of criminal act or which might be considered as derogatory toward any aspect of the law enforcement profession.

  • Portrays acts of violence, murder, sedition, terror, vandalism, or other acts of violence against persons or institutions.

  • Depicts nudity, portions of nudity or states of undress that would be considered as offensive, distasteful, pornographic, or erotic, is obscene, or advertises adult entertainment.

  • Might be interpreted as condoning any type of discrimination or might be interpreted as condoning or soliciting any unlawful act or conduct.

  • Is in conflict with any applicable federal, state, or local law, statue, or ordinance.

  • Contains false or grossly misleading information.

  • No liquor, tobacco, religious, political, or firearms advertisements.

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