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Cortland Transit

Cortland Transit currently operates 13 routes and a Dial-A-Ride service. Routes 1 through 4 are offered every 45-minutes between 6am and 6pm Monday through Friday.

Schedules are also available in our bus shelters or in print at the Cortland Transit office on 21 Squires Street. You can call Cortland Transit directly at (607) 758-3383.

View our Transit Passenger and Visitor Standard of Conduct Policy: CLICK HERE

Rider Guide

Boarding the Bus

All buses are wheelchair accessible. Riders should wait for other passengers to exit before boarding. The front seats near the driver should be reserved for those persons with disabilities.

Carry-ons, strollers, walkers, and carts are allowed on the bus, as long as they do not block the aisle, and they are secured so that if the bus driver must stop quickly, they will not fly forward. 

No smoking is allowed on the bus or in a bus shelter. Please, no eating or drinking (except for water) on the bus.


Small cats and dogs in enclosed carriers are allowed for vet appointments only. No other animals except for service animals allowed.


Bus Stops/Flagging

All of the fixed routes leave from the County Office Building which is located at 60 Central Avenue. Anywhere along the route you can alert the driver to stop by flagging (waving) to the driver. The driver will stop in the nearest safe place.


Exiting the Bus

Request your stop by telling the driver, or pulling the cord, about a block in advance. Do not cross in front of the bus. Wait until the bus has departed before crossing the street


Safety Tips

  • Take your seat as quickly as possible.
  • Never change seats while the bus is moving.
  • Never cross the street in front of a bus; oncoming traffic may not stop.
  • Refrain from engaging in unnecessary conversation with the driver.


Travel Training

Take advantage of the Travel Training program if further assistance is needed. From help reading the bus schedule to planning your trip, visit the Travel Training page for more information.

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