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Are You Ready for Car Lite Challenge Day?

As part of its Triple Crown of healthy events, Seven Valleys Health Coalition, under its Way 2 Go Cortland Program, is sponsoring its last of three challenges for 2018. This year, the Car Lite Challenge is scheduled for a single day, Friday, September 21.

How does it work? The Car Lite Challenge encourages you to be both healthy and engage in activities to limit air pollution. On this day, instead of driving your car alone, why not carpool, ride public transit, walk, or bike to get to where you need to go? It’s that simple.

If you wish, you can take a picture of yourself and blog about your participation in the Car Lite Challenge. Email your photo and blog to

We will publish entries throughout September 21 on our Facebook page, Way2GoCortland. Participants will be eligible for a random drawing for a prize. Questions? Please contact Ann Hotchkin at the above email address or call 756-4198.


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