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Bus route changes-a followup

Since the announcement of the upcoming bus route changes, revised maps have circulated and responses have come in!

The overall response from the public has been positive, with people looking forward to the buses serving a broader area and anticipating that operating the routes on 45 minute cycles will keep buses on time.

But there have been some concerns.

Here's some of the feedback and Cortland Transit's responses to the concerns: Passengers are sometimes worried about getting to work on time, as they had their old routes and transfers planned down to the minute. They are worried that operating on a 45-minute cycle could interrupt this.

In the instances cited, Cortland Transit officials are confident that the transfer between Routes 2 and 3 at the Big Lots plaza will ensure the riders still make it to their destinations on time.

General Manager Ryan Oakley said once the buses have been traveling the new routes, people will have a better idea of the timing, and what to expect from their connections.

Some travelers have asked about the combination of Routes 2 and 3, a practice that happens when there is a shortage of bus drivers. The new routes eliminate the need to combine routes, said Oakley, as the new Route 3 is essentially the combined Route 2 & 3. And if there is a shortage of bus drivers, Route 2 would be eliminated as needed, and Routes 3 and 4 would just extend to those areas to serve the public, said Oakley.

People also want to make sure the bus will still let them off in the same spot it always has, as it travels its new route. The stops are mostly the same as they always were, except the Pine Hill mobile home park, a stop from Route 3 in Homer, will be treated as a deviation. Oakley said this was not a frequently requested stop anyway so he does not predict problems and otherwise people should be able to travel their routes the same as before.

Some passengers brought up the reliability of the routes-pointing out they run late often- questioning if the changes would address that.

Oakley expects with the 45-minute cycle, buses will more regularly be on time and he thinks people will be more pleased with the service in general.

Please keep the feedback coming-Call Mobility Manager Catherine Wilde at 607-756-4198.


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