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Cabs cleaning up

An inventory of local taxi companies on Monday, showed none have ceased operations and some have instituted special practices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that caused schools to close and a state of emergency to be declared for Cortland County March 15.

Across the board, taxi companies reported enhanced sanitation efforts, with hand sanitizer and sometimes masks on board- and some other special offers- like A&D taxi (607- 433-1726) which now has a free prescription delivery program.

That program has some stipulations: It is designed for those who need it the most, the prescription must be pre-paid, there must be a drive-through window at the pharmacy, and the client must have a secure drop off point where the driver can leave the prescription with no face-to-face contact. The program is also designed for residents living within 5 miles of their pharmacy, according to the company. For more details visit A&D's Facebook page and direct message the company through that page.

Some companies already offer free pickup of groceries or prescriptions on their way home from their point of origin, like Horizon Transport( 315-679-6779).

MTS Express, (607-261-0497) which is a one-driver operation that offers significantly reduced fare transportation, will have to change its hours of operation starting the week of March 23, but the company could not say what those hours would be yet.

Cortland Taxi-Silver Star Taxi (607-756-5460) is spraying down the cabs after every customer leaves as well as doing routine cab maintenance and cleaning, according to the company. It does not accept Medicaid billing.

Care Fare LLC, (315- 751-3273) which focuses more on ambulatory transport, has its drivers wearing masks and gloves, according to the company.

Local pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens did not report any revised offerings for prescription delivery, though the number 1-888-300-4419 was offered by CVS for COVID-19. Many pharmacies already offer prescription delivery so call your pharmacy for details on what's available.


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