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Catch a shuttle to Steampunk

Have an urge to try something different at the end of the month? You may want to hop on a Cortland Transit bus the weekend of Sept. 27-29 and check out the Steampunk festival that's coming to town.

A vintage fashion style that combines historical elements and technological features, like gears and parts of steam-powered machinery, steampunk has a distinct look and the upcoming festival, made possible by the Cortland County Convention and Visitors Bureau, will feature vendors, workshops and people in costume.

This is an example of a steampunk costume.

Cortland Transit will be serving the festival, with shuttles running from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

The route will be as follows: County Office Building, Living History Center, Homer Green, County Historical Society, 1890 House, Corset Building- and back to the COB on a repeat loop.

The shuttles are free of charge and may feature costumed actors telling people about the history of Cortland.

The festival touches upon Cortland's roots, said Meghan N. Lawton, Executive Director of the Cortland County Convention & Visitors Bureau. She is happy that public transit is able to serve the event, a partnership that will allow people to access the festival throughout the day without having to worry about parking.

“Cortland County’s rich industrial history makes it the perfect setting for a steampunk-themed festival,” she said.

The festival is the first of its kind in Cortland County and will feature events at multiple locations throughout the county, with several participating organizations.

"The unique layout of this event, and the way we are encouraging people to travel about the county from location to location will allow the County to show off this rich industrial history and show what Cortland County has to offer to today’s traveler," said Lawton. "We encourage everyone, even if you have no idea what Steampunk is, to take part in the Festival.”

Among the locations where events are planned, are: the Corset Building, the 1890 House, the CNY Living History Center, the Cortland County Historical Society and the Center for the Arts of Homer. Over the course of the three-day event, there will be a promenade, steampunk-themed happy hour, informational seminars, vendors, a fashion show, and Steampunk music.

For more information on the event, such as a schedule and list of activities, visit .


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