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Dairy giveaway impacts routes

Because of the community dairy distribution occurring on the SUNY Cortland campus on Monday, May 4, Cortland Transit passengers can expect routes 2,4 and 7 to temporarily stop serving the campus after 3 p.m. that day.

The 281 lot bus stop pictured here, is one of three on campus that temporarily won't be served by Cortland Transit after 3 p.m. Monday May 4. Routes will resume as normal Tuesday May 5.

This is so the buses don't interfere with -or get trapped in- the traffic flow that is expected to be on campus for the dairy distribution, which will take place from 5-7 p.m. on Monday, May 4.

The change is not expected to impact any riders, according to Cortland Transit, and routes will go back to their normal schedules on Tuesday May 5.

The stops that will temporarily not be served after 3 p.m., are the Park Center stop, served by Route 4, the 281 bus stop, served by Route 2, and the Corey Union stop, accessible from Route 7.

If you were planning to get off or embark a bus from any of those stops please call Cortland Transit at 607-758-3383 to discuss alternate arrangements and thank you for understanding!

For more information on the dairy giveaway please go here.


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