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Fare collection to resume

Cortland Transit has decided it will reinstate fares on all bus routes commencing July 26.

Fares had been waived during the COVID-19 pandemic to eliminate the risk of touching communal surfaces (fare boxes) and to help alleviate the economic hardship felt by many travelers.

However, the company announced on 6.21.2021 that it plans to once more resume collecting fares on July 26.

The fare box, pictured here behind an employee wiping down surfaces, will once more be open for passengers to drop exact change into, starting July 26.

During the week of July 26, the company will honor previously purchased, unspent bus passes as long as the passengers physically have them in their possession at the time of boarding, according to Ryan Reynolds, Cortland Transit General Manager.

Starting the following Monday, August 2nd, this grandfathering practice will end and all bus passes must be current.

Routes 1-4 are $1.50, Routes 5&6 are $2 and Route 7 is $5. Reduced fares apply to all routes and monthly passes (all but Route 7) cost $45.

The company will be posting notices about the upcoming fare collection in all buses and shelters.

If passengers have any questions about the fare collection, call Cortland Transit at 607-758-3383.


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