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Give us your feedback!

Attention public! Way2Go Cortland, the Mobility Management branch of Seven Valleys Health Coalition, is seeking more feedback from several surveys that have been released, tools that will help us gather the data we need to update the Cortland County Coordinated Transportation Plan.

This plan, updated about every five years, is required for certain projects to qualify for state funding and it is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Surveys will help provide us with a clear picture of transportation needs in the area, from a number of perspectives. With this data, the plan can truly take into consideration local viewpoints and feedback.

Please take a moment to complete the surveys, if you haven't already.

Agency/Service Provider (Agencies or human service providers that serve clients and/or provide transportation)

General Public survey (the general public, regardless of whether you use public transportation)

Employer Survey (Local employers)


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