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Make a change during April!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

During April, join an initiative to be more environmentally conscious!

You can do this by committing to a small lifestyle change for the month-perhaps it's just taking a shorter shower to save water or combining errands to reduce vehicle travel time. The initiative is put on by Clean Air New York and 511NY Rideshare in celebration of Earth Day 2021, which takes place on April 22.

Earth Day is an annual environmental awareness day (April 22) that highlights the benefits of environmental protection through simple everyday actions.

Click here to pledge to participate in one or more sustainably conscious activities in April. When you do this you'll also become a member of 511NYRideshare, (you'll be directed to the Cortland Way2Go rideshare portal) which will connect you to rideshare network opportunities within the community.

Remember, if carpooling, always wear a mask, as per federal CDC recommendations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more on the CDC's safe carpooling recommendations, click here.

The sustainable actions you commit to could include planting a tree, starting to compost, or using a sustainable mode of transportation (like biking or walking).

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