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Preview of the bus schedules

Here's a sneak preview of the updated bus schedules that will be distributed around town next week:

Note the AM Route 7 stops reflect the fact that Route 6 and 7 are a combined run in the morning.

Note the new routes that 2,3 and 4 take and the fact that Routes 1-4 all operate on 45 minute cycles now.

These schedules reflect the changes that took place Sept. 16- Routes 1-4 all operate on 45-minute cycles and Routes 2, 3 and 4 now serve slightly different ridership areas.

The hope is that First Transit can now reach a broader ridership area and better serve the traveling public, in addition to keeping within the 45-minute timeframe, eliminating complaints about the buses frequently running late on 30-minute cycles.

We hope people are pleased with the changes. Please see next week's Transportation Tuesday blog about the progress with updating the bus shelter maps and in the meantime, visit the new one at 51 Port Watson St!

Questions? Call Seven Valleys Health Coalition at 607-756-4198.


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