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Providers must update MAS form

Area medical providers may not know about the need to update a commonly used form- the Medicaid Form 2015- a required document for Medicaid patients which verifies their transportation abilities.

Some things the document lays out are the transportation modes such as ambulette, ambulance, cabs, etc., which providers can select as the most appropriate for the patient. The document also inquires about what mode of transportation the enrollee commonly uses and if there are reasons they cannot be transported through a group ride such as a bus.

According to Medical Answering Services, which schedules the rides for Medicaid clients to and from medical appointments, the form is good for one year and then medical providers must submit an updated one to MAS. This has always been the case but there's a recent imperative from the state Department of Health to comply with the regulation, which has led to an influx of providers in the state faxing and emailing the forms over to MAS-and a backlog on MAS's end.

Instead of faxing or e-mailing the document, MAS says providers should go to, navigate to the provider tab and create an account if they don't have one.

Then providers must navigate to the E2015 portal and fill out the form for each patient-submitting it electronically. A response should come back within minutes whether the form is accepted or not.

For help establishing or logging in to your account, call 315-701-7400 and select Option 1.


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