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Small changes to Route 2

First Transit is trying a minor change to Route 2, to shift the way the buses turn onto Route 281 at the northernmost portion of the route.

The change is minor and for safety reasons eliminates the previous left hand turn onto Route 281 from Wheeler Avenue, a large intersection lacking a traffic light.

Instead, after Route 2 stops in at the Friendship House on Leon Avenue, it will make a large loop that takes the bus out on West Main Street, which leads back to West Road (Route 281) at an intersection with a traffic light. Passengers boarding at the Friendship House should expect the bus to continue down Wheeler Avenue before turning right onto Elizabeth Street, then onto Evergreen Street and Copeland Avenue before coming out on West Main Street.

General Manager Ryan Oakley said the company will decide whether to make the change a permanent part of the route based upon feedback from drivers. The change aimed to make it safer for buses pulling out onto 281.

The change does not impact the rest of the route at all.


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