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We want to hear from YOU!

Did you know that SVHC and various stakeholders in the county are currently in the process of updating the county's comprehensive transportation plan? I'm sure you didn't!

The document, updated about every five years, guides a community's transportation policies and sets goals for the future. Having one in place also helps a community be eligible for state DOT funding.

Among the information contained in the plan, is a list of existing transportation service providers in the community, demographic statistics and a transit needs analyses. The document also lays out the unmet needs in the community and makes certain recommendations about how to fill those gaps.

As we start updating this plan, which will be a lengthy and thoughtful process with input from community stakeholders, we will be holding focus groups and distributing surveys in order to get as much input from everyone as possible.

We want to hear from the public, what are the unmet transportation needs in the county? What is missing? What is already out there? What should be done differently or better? What should the transportation options be a few years from now?

As we set about gathering public input, we want to hear from you about who should we reach out to? What populations should we hold focus groups with?

We already have some ideas: service providers, seniors, students, local employers, people with disabilities, etc. Who are we missing? Please give us feedback about whom we should be reaching out to, in the form of an email to or message us through our Way2Go Cortland Facebook page.

Feedback can also come through contacting Mobility Manager Catherine Wilde at 607-756-4198.

The more input we have about who we should reach out to, the less likely we are to exclude anyone. The last thing we want to do is update a plan and then get feedback about the plan not considering the needs of everyone.

Thank you for your feedback!


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