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Summer Bus Fare for Youths.

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Our public bus system, Cortland Transit, allows junior high and high school teens who are 13 years of age and older to travel without adult supervision for $10 with a summer pass, or for 75 cents per one-way trip. Listed below are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Do I Get a Bus Pass?

Students with a valid school ID card can purchase a bus pass for $10 at the Cortland Transit Office at 21 Squires Street. These discounted passes will be available for July and August only.

Do I Need a Bus Pass to Ride the Bus?

You do not need to have a bus pass. Students aged 13 and older can ride the bus for 75 cents for each “leg”. Every time you get off the bus, including transferring to a different bus, you pay the driver 75 cents. Bus tokens can also be purchased at the Cortland Transit Office, 21 Squires Street. Place the money or token in the container as soon as you get on the bus. Please have your student ID card ready to show you are entitled to half fare if you are paying in cash.

Do I Need the Exact Change if I Pay in Cash?

YES. The bus driver will not make change for you. The system does not take debit or credit cards.

How Can I Find Out Where the Bus Routes Are?

You can find bus routes, times, and other information HERE. You can also download the GPS bus tracking device, Smart Traxx, to find out the location of the bus in real time.

What if My Destination is Not on a Fixed Route?

First Transit has a number of options that might suit your needs, such as Route Deviations, Flex Routes, and Dial-a-Ride.

More Questions?

For more help, call Cortland Transit at 758-3383 or the Mobility Management Coordinator at Seven Valleys Health Coalition at 756-4198.


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