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Walking is the least expensive way to get around, is pollution-free, and is great exercise. Connect with your community, stop and smell the roses, and slow down. Please remember, when walking, to use available crosswalks.

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Communities such as the City of Cortland, the Village of Homer, Marathon, and McGraw, and the Town of Cortlandville have complete or partial sidewalk networks. In all cases, the maintenance and replacement of sidewalks, including snow removal, is the responsibility of the property owner (the Village of Marathon does its best to clear the sidewalks throughout the Village). To report a sidewalk that is in poor condition or is persistently not cleared of snow, please call the following:


City of Cortland

Code Enforcement Office

(607) 753-1741


Village of McGraw

Clerk’s Office

(607) 836-6294


Village of Homer

Streets and Parks Department

(607) 749-3322


Village of Marathon

Streets Department

(607) 849-6988


Town of Cortlandville

Code Enforcement Office

(607) 756-7490


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Walking Trails


National Center for Safe Routes to School

NCSRS programs sustain efforts by parents, schools, community leaders and local, state, and federal governments to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bicycle to school.


America Walks

A non-profit coalition actively promoting the development of local and regional pedestrian advocacy groups, with a mission of helping to create local groups and assist them in building a more walkable world.


Walkable Communities

A consulting firm of Dan Burden is one of the nation's leading experts on creating more walkable settings. He can help your community envision and implement a more walkable future.

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