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UPDATE: Finger Lakes Rideshare has switched to 511NYRideshare as its new platform.



Check out the Way2Go portal here

Why should I do it?

Sharing a car can be a good way to save money, socialize and do something good for the environment. Commuters may agree to split the driving and gas costs while being part of a larger movement.

Who does it help?

Commuters for their daily trips and anyone who needs a one-time trip. You can offer a ride or look for a ride. College students can find others to travel home or back to school with on breaks.

How do I do it? 

  • Go to

  • Click on your region's carpool matching site, then follow the instructions for finding a carpool match and share a ride!

Best of all...

It's free! There's no charge to sign up or access the platform. Just sign on and click away!

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