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Bus shelter maps going up

Last Friday, Mobility Manager Catherine Wilde started replacing the outdated Cortland Transit bus route maps that are located in the bus shelters around the community-starting with 51 Port Watson St. in Cortland.

The maps will display the current revised Routes 1-4 and reflect the new 45-minute cycles.

The first shelter to sport the updated maps is at 51 Port Watson St. but the other shelters at 42 Church St. in Cortland, Route 13 JM Murray, Employment Connections/ JM Murray, the county office building and McGraw, should start being installed early this week. A SUNY Cortland intern is helping to install those this week.

The process of creating these maps was time consuming because of all the changes that were required, as Routes 2, 3 and 4 now serve different areas and all the times of departure have changed with the 45-minute cycle. Additionally, the new maps reflect the fact that the first a.m. run for Routes 6 (Dryden) and 7 (the Cornell commuter route) is a combined one, a practice that has gone on for some time but was not previously reflected on the maps.

We hope the updated maps will help the public have a better idea of where the new routes go.

We apologize for the delay in getting these out, it was a very comprehensive process and condensed what was essentially a year long undertaking previously, into a few weeks.

The revised bus schedules that appear in pamphlet form are also being printed this week - a supply of just about 200 will be made available at the First Transit building on Squires St. as well as the county office building and other places as requested.

The reason we are ordering such a small supply is because we want to get something out to the public immediately, before we make technical adjustments. The maps still need to be tweaked to match up to the same design of the previous ones but we recognize there is an immediate need for the information in the community. So as soon as they are printed they will be distributed!

As always, call Seven Valleys Health Coalition at 607-756-4198 or First Transit at 607-758-3383 with questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience.


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