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Shelter maps coming

Here's a glimpse of what the bus shelter maps for the new Cortland Transit routes will look like. Click to preview route changes or download the map!

The maps will soon be put up on all the area bus shelters (The attached one reflects the 42 Church St. location).

Revising these maps consisted of much back-and-forth, last minute edits, reviews and feedback from First Transit, until at last the final version got everything correct.

We will be posting them in the shelters when they are printed. Again, we apologize for the delay but revising these maps was a task that essentially condensed into a few weeks, something that had previously taken over a year to complete.

Hopefully the new maps will give the traveling public a better idea of where the revised Routes 2, 3 and 4 stop, and what the 45-minute cycle looks like for Routes 1-4. In addition, slight changes were made to the Route 6 and Route 7 information boxes, to address the fact that the AM route is a combined one.

Thank you all for your patience as we work on getting these images out to the public.

Feedback? Call Mobility Manager Catherine Wilde at 756-4198.


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